Spring is Here! Out door grilling made easy with our Flame-Roasted Chopped Green Chile! Classic Green Chile Cheese Burgers are calling!!



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Chiles & Salsas

Flame-Roasted Chopped Green Chile

Cervantes newest product captures New Mexico’s favorite flavor and heat level with this ready-to-serve flame roasted green chile. It tastes just like you roasted it yourself!


Medium Jalapeno Salsa

A hearty blend of guaranteed New Mexico grown green chiles, tomatoes, and spices. This award-winning culinary sauce offers an appetizing and healthful ingredient to any poultry, meat or vegetable dish.


Hot Green Chile Sauce

Based on our original award-winning recipe, Cervantes Hot Green Chile Sauce earns additional accolades. Pepper fans enjoy the flavor of New Mexico chopped green chile as their taste buds ignite with the “wow” factor of Cervantes Hot Green Chile Sauce.


Hot Green Chile Salsa

In New Mexico, green chile peppers form the culinary foundation for creating a tapestry of flavors. Cervantes selects the finest New Mexico green chile, harvested at the peak of flavor and captures the essence of classic New Mexico cuisine with this flavorful and healthy salsa. Designed to complement today’s healthier lifestyles, our Green Chile Salsa combines the richness of traditional flavors with the freshness of all-natural ingredients.


Red Chile Sauce

A bold and savory sauce made from New Mexico’s flaming soul – the sun-ripened, guaranteed New Mexico grown red chile pod! Combined with a variety of spices, our signature red chile sauce is blended for today’s specialty food aficionado who demands both healthful ingredients and unbounded flavor. Unlike any other, Cervantes Red Chile Sauce exemplifies our diverse cultural heritage and is guaranteed to make chile connoisseurs smile with delight! Available in Medium, Hot, or Xtra Hot! Try them all....you are going to love it!

Three-time Scovie Award Winner!


Medium Jalapeño Salsa

Warm as the New Mexico Sun! We spice it up a notch with this perfectly blended garden fresh salsa made with fresh jalapeños, two varieties of onions, plump juicy tomatoes, spices and just a hint of cilantro. Our medium salsa will heat up your meal like an enchanting sunrise! All natural - No preservatives.


Hot Jalapeño Salsa

Salsa tha Sizzles! A fiery blend of garden fresh jalapeños, two varieties of onions, juicy plump tomatoes, and a perfect combination of Old World spices. Our "original" sizzling salsa will turn an every day event into a smokin' affair! All natural - No preservatives.